Design that proves simple doesn’t have to be boring.

Winspire has worked with over 4,000 nonprofits across North America to provide auction items that help increase the net revenue of charity events big and small. Looking to create a workplace as humble as the Winspire culture, Winspire engaged Tangram Studio to design a simple color palette consisting of raw and organic materials which included elements of oak laminate and hot rolled steel. During the design process, Tangram Studio uncovered a big workplace issue that was not previously identified in the initial design meetings, Winspire’s employees desperately needed a buffer from the telephone conversations of their coworkers. Studio knew they could help with a solution; they acted quickly, keeping in mind cost and scheduling, and raised the workstation panels by 12” create a successful noise buffer for the staff. The finished result is an uncompromised workspace that represents both the culture of Winspire and the way their employees work.

Completion Date: 2013
Partner Firms: SAA
Project Address:Laguna Hills, CA