Founded in 1983 in Santa Rosa, Luther Burbank Savings is an FDIC insured privately-owned thrift focusing on traditional savings and loan services.

Luther Burbank lived and worked in Santa Rosa, California. During his life, he introduced over 800 varieties of plants and hundreds of ornamental flowers including the Shasta daisy. His Russet Burbank Potato is still the most widely cultivated potato in the United States.

Luther Burbank Savings honors his legacy and his vision. We operate with a simple and conservative business plan designed to safeguard assets and serve the public. Luther Burbank Savings was founded in 1983 as a privately owned bank and our responsibilities are to our customers, not public stockholders. Current assets have reached $3.6 billion, and profits have been posted for over 27 years.

Completion Date: 2013
Project Address: Newport Beach, CA
Management Firm: Newmark Grubb Knight Frank