The custom furniture design of the Loyola Marymount Universities campus draws on cross-disciplinary expertise to unite and inspire the student body.

Loyola Marymount University (LMU) is a private, co-educational Jesuit university located in the Westchester community of Westside Los Angeles.

Looking to refresh communal areas, LMU paired up with Tangram Interiors and Tangram Studio to create triad stations where students could collaborate. The stations consisted of a single post on each of the 3 sides and ended with library stacks. The successful design on the Triad station lead to the cohesive design of other communal areas. Tangram Studios also designed individual heads down spaces with power and data for the students and faculty in the campus library. Combining Coalesse café seating in the cafeteria Tangram could leverage all company divisions.

Completion Date: 2015
Project Address: Los Angeles, CA