In August 2018, Tangram Studio partnered with prominent haircare product company, Johnny B, to complete custom furniture solutions for their new office. Outgrowing their previous space, the company was looking to expand and modernize their existing furniture collection designed by Studio. Johnny B’s desire was that their new space would complement their haircare product line rebrand.

This project involved a fresh and sleek design for 20 new workstations, a reception desk, two conference tables and three private offices. Because of the contrast between the female and male haircare product branding, Studio chose to express a similar juxtaposition through the color and texture of the workstations as well as the details of the storage hardware.

The revitalized office featured masculine spaces with pieces that were designed with a darker finish and sleek steel pulls, and complementary feminine spaces with pieces that were designed with a neutral finish using natural wood accents. The co-designed pieces emulated the light and dark contrast of the product lines, aligning the workstations and private spaces to the rebrand. Through direct collaboration with Tangram Studio, Johnny B achieved their purpose-built and intentionally branded space that deviates from the dated look of the previous product line.

Completion Date: August 2018 
Project Address: 6409 Gayhart St, Commerce, CA