Designing innovative furniture to complement the evolving law firm industry.

DesignHive is an innovative and forward thinking spec suite design product Brookfield is introducing to meet the changing needs of modern space users. Each suite is designed by leading architecture firms and geared towards a different industry including creative, tech, media, financial, legal and professional services.

Tangram Studio was approached by Wolcott Architecture to help create an experimental meeting area for the suite they were designing, the law firm of the future. Studio designed a fully enclosable, fully functional meeting space inspired by the design of a Chinese lantern. The space was a stand-alone room and incorporated a circular bench, table and power.  With a balance of workstations and zen-like areas for relaxation, fitness and a collaboration loft, Wolcott and Tangram Studio transformed the suite into a cutting-edge workplace that would attract any generation to the legal industry.

Completion Date: 2015
Partner Firms: Wolcott Architecture Interiors
Project Address: The Gas Company Tower