As with any design challenge, it starts by understanding the client’s vision for their space. What are their needs, aesthetics, brand and culture. At Tangram Studio this is our time to listen as well as offer guidance.


Everyone has suggestions and preferences.  That’s why we invite our clients to participate in the design process.  This is when we are able to incorporate that which makes our solutions specific to the individual client.  It’s at the very heart of providing custom solutions that are unique, affordable, well designed and appropriate for our clients.


Our presentations include computer generated concept renderings, material samples + hand held mock ups that clearly and effectively show what is possible. We also include a time line along with project costs.


Once a design is formalized and approved, an order is entered which enables us to develop final production engineering drawings for our vendors. This is where our computer generated manufacturing software is so effective. We also become part of the project team working with your schedule as the project moves forward.  We monitor manufacturing and at the same time finalize our own plan for the actual delivery and installation phase.


Every project has a comprehensive plan for the installation.  This plan includes everything from project management, site inspections, to loading of the trucks, and labor scheduling. A complete set of installation assembly drawings is generated and every piece of hardware needed to build the product ordered.  Nothing is left to chance.