Office furniture doesn’t only have a utilitarian purpose; it’s also designed to improve productivity, too. Let’s see how using custom office furniture increases productivity in the workplace.

The Furniture Should Match

You might be tempted to buy chairs and tables separately, but this can come back to bite you. For instance, if the furniture has a slightly different height or depth, it can slow down your employees and cause ergonomic injuries. Nothing kills productivity like excessive sick days. It’s best to purchase furniture sets that complement one another. Furniture businesses often sell customized furniture in sets.

Consider Size

If most of your employees are on the heavier side, lightweight seats aren’t good investments. Be wise in choosing work desks too. For example, a table should have enough space to work on with all required equipment. Make sure your tables have enough room for essentials like a monitor, keyboard, mouse, or printer. Choose furniture that is spacious enough to prevent clutter and give employees the chance to work without bumping elbows on items or one another. If you have unusual or oddly sized office equipment, have custom office furniture made to specification to keep your office running smoothly.

Consider Positioning

The purpose here is practicality. Keep in mind; employees move around a lot to collaborate on projects. Purchase customized furniture that makes it easier to move. You can also position furniture in ways that allow employees to move around freely when they need to. For example, clear the areas where there is a lot of foot traffic so people don’t trip or bump into furniture.

Learn From the Best

Designed to help employees think more creatively, offices like Google’s famous Googleplex are great sources of inspiration for your own setup. For more information, or to get help from a designer, contact us here.