Traditionally, the ideal office design comprised desks, chairs, cabinets, and some space but with the evolving corporate culture, such office layouts are quickly fading away. Workspaces are becoming less formal and rigid by the day as companies embrace new trends to accommodate innovative technologies and a youthful workforce. For corporates seeking to transform their current traditional offices into trendier and more flexible workspaces, here are a few trends to consider.

Collaboration workstations

This design allows four or more people to share a desk in the office. It is an excellent idea for corporates where employees embark on projects as a team as they need to collaborate and exchange ideas regularly. Employers can use this layout to enhance communication and productivity of their marketing and sales teams.

Whiteboard walls

Whiteboard walls are a perfect idea for offices with the open floor plan. They act as temporary walls or partitions and at the same time they function as whiteboards which your staff can use for team collaboration and brainstorming. You can use them to boost innovation in your office.

Furnish with laptop users in mind

Most millennials prefer to work on their laptops as opposed to using desktops. You can have a couch or two in the office or beanbag chairs where your employees sit and relax as they work on their laptops.

Have USB charging ports everywhere

Whether you are designing a new office or modernizing your current office space, consider having USB charging ports everywhere. You can incorporate them into task lights, wall outlets, and desks. Technologies are the backbone of every business operation, and employees are even using smartphone applications to execute work-related tasks. You should, therefore, ensure that they can recharge from any point in the office.

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